László GÁLOS

1978, Budapest

He is a self-taught artist and has worked as a full-time pathologist since 2010. As an artist he explores the relationship between the subject and ’objective’ reality. Testing the limits of perception and cognizance, since 2015 he has almost exclusively been using wet collodion in his photographs, upon the inspiration of Tamás Varga and Imre Zalka. Since then his works have been displayed at eight solo exhibitions (Debrecen, Balassagyarmat, Budapest, Szentes, Békéscsaba, Rotterdam) as well as at over sixty group shows in Hungary, Belarus, Lithuania, Italy, Spain and the USA. He is a member of the InstArt Group and the L1 Association.

Nude 07.08.2020

2 x (50 x 50 cm)

Nude 07.08.2020
Akt 2020. 08. 07 / 1. / Nude 07.08.2020 / 1
Nude 07.08.2020
Akt 2020. 08. 07 / 2. / Nude 07.08.2020 / 2