1951, Budapest

He graduated from Budapest University of Technology with a degree in engineering and teaching in 1974. He has created numerous posters for musical and dance performances. Solo exhibitions of his works have been held at Trafó in 2008, Palace of the Arts in 2010, and Szentendre and Budapest in 2019. In his latest project, he is photographing the interior design solutions of over 260 listed buildings in Budapest.

Shaman Dance

selected works from the series
The pictures were taken at a performance of The Barbarian Nights, or: The First Dawns of the World
Choreographer: Hervé Koubi
Dancers: Lazhar Berrouag, Adel Bousbara, Mohammed Elhilali, Abdelghani Ferradji, Zakaria Ghezal, Bendehiba Maamar, Giovanni Martinat, Mohamed Medelsi, Nadjib Meherhera, Riad Mendjel, Mourad Messaoud, Houssni Mijem, Ismail Oubbajaddi, Issa Sanou, Ayoub Touabe, El Houssaini Zahid
Budapest Summer Festival, Margaret Island Open-Air Stage, 2019

digital photograph, archival pigment print laminated on dibond
3 x (53,4 x 80 cm)

 Shaman Dance  Shaman Dance  Shaman Dance