1935, Budapest

He took up photography at the age of 15, and went on to study optics, aesthetics and philosophy. He participated in exhibitions in Hungary and abroad from a young age and worked as an illustrator for several newspapers. From 1960 he was a photojournalist for the Hungarian public service broadcaster Hungarian Television. He has authored, co-authored and illustrated several books (Rapid Tech, My Processed Memories), and received numerous awards for his work, including: National Association of Hungarian Journalists Golden Pen Lifetime Achievement Award (2005), Association of Hungarian Photographers Lifetime Achievement Award (2010), National Association of Hungarian Artists Lifetime Achievement Award (2010), Hungarian Gold Cross of Merit (2015), Balogh Rudolf Award (2017). Major exhibitions: Rome, Sofia, Plovdiv. Works in public collections: National Széchenyi Library, Hungarian Museum of Photography, George Eastman Museum, Rochester, USA. 

analog photograph, digital print
60 x 40 cm

A jövő közlekedési eszköze / Transport of the Future
Teregetés / Washing Line
Nehéz út / A Hard Road