1973, Ózd

He is a professional photographer and cinematographer. He graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest in 2009 and at the moment he is pursuing his DLA studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. He has been a photographer and cinematographer since 1998. His personal and commercial projects have been included in international campaigns and displayed in galleries and festivals. The individual is always at the focus of his photographs. His photos made using the analog glass negative process evoke the past, yet the main character in them is always the person of the present time. He was awarded the Cinematographer of the Year – Illés György Prize in 2014, and the best cinematographer prize at the Zsigmond Vilmos International Film Festival in 2019. His photographs have been displayed at solo exhibitions in Hungary and abroad.

2016, 2019, 2020

Térhajlító / Bending Space

2016 – 2020 34 x 30 cm

Maison de Maillard

2016 20 x 25,5 cm


2020 48 x 30 cm